Some questions answered about Conflux: The Lost Girls

While submitting Conflux: The Lost Girls to The Magic of Books, a nice book blog, their submission form had some interesting questions which I thought might interest some readers. Check it out.

C:TLG’s inherently dark sexual side might be too much for TMOB, but it’s an integral part of the Care and Kade’s story. In the meantime, check out below if you read the book and want a little more detail / the author’s POV. 🙂

Spoilers ahead!

Genre? (We do not promote/Review Erotica)

Thriller …arguably Psychological/Action/Horror-Thriller, it’s a major but well-done blend of genres 😉

Book Description

IT’S A BAD, BAD WORLD OUT THERE – Two teenage girls who don’t even know their own names. A nightmarish town that wants to eat them alive. When fate brings them together, will a murderous town full of sin and psychotic criminals pull them apart?

This book doesn’t pull punches. Packed with tension and betrayal, horror and triumph, Jordan Wakefield’s CONFLUX: THE LOST GIRLS follows two teenage runaways with pasts shrouded in darkness as they navigate a world ruled by drugs, violence, and dark conspiracies. With police, human traffickers and sexual deviants on their tail, they must make it out alive together. But when you don’t know yourself, can you trust the person next to you?

First in the Conflux series, THE LOST GIRLS will push you off the edge of your seat and have you begging for more.

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How long is the book?

A short action-packed read at only 76,000 words. A bite-sized novel that can be read and savored in just a day.

Standalone or part of a series?

First in a series, with a prequel to be released in the coming months.

If a series, are they interconnected stand-alones or one continuing story?

Interconnected separate stories to increasingly converge.

If a continuing story/series, do the books have cliffhangers?

Yes, but each book also offers a good sense of completion to the reader. Each book could be read by itself without reading another and satisfy the reader by itself.

If a continuing story/series, are the rest of the books already out? Already written? When are you planning on releasing them? And, will the story end happily?

Prequel coming soon. More prequels and sequels to be released next year (after 2 other books mostly or wholly unrelated are finished, likely before the end of the year or so.) Conflux: The Lost Girls (and its prequel Conflux: From The Grey) both end mostly triumphantly, though not without loss, and with unresolved conflicts that will leave the reader wanting more.

Is there a “Happily Ever After?”

Guess you’ll have to see 😉 I would give it a “sort of.”

Is there sex in the book?

Yes. There are some sexual scenes in C:TLG but it is not erotica or pornography. No scenes of rape, etc, but the two main characters experience close calls with sexual deviants, and vivid recollections of traumatic sexual experiences, but they are not glorified or intended as entertainment in themselves, so I leave it to the viewer’s judgement.They may be too much for some readers, as they intend to be intense and discomforting, and bring up questions about complex, challenging topics.

Is there any cheating? If so, what kind?

No. Though Care perhaps feels betrayed at times due to her BPD-esque fixation with her friend.

Is there a love triangle? If so, how long before it gets resolved?


Is there any stupidity from the characters that keeps them apart for any reason? (Please be brutally honest about this answer. This is my number one pet peeve in books. That being said, I’m not intolerant to it, I just want a heads up about what kind is there and how long it take the characters to get over it.)

That’s oddly specific! But no; Kade is amnesiac and oblivious to a lot of social cues, but anything but stupid. Care is hard-headed, hard-of-heart and addictive, yet compassionate, practical, and diligent in her own way. These flaws make the characters real and human, yet they’re intelligent and relatable.

F/M? M/M? Ménage?

F/F if you like, but it’s more complex than “oh, lesbian action!” if you read between the lines, and the complex relationship is clearly meant to be expounded on in coming books.

Would you describe it as fluffy, warm, angsty, dark, emotional, deep, funny? Something else?

Dark, emotional, deep… angsty, warm, funny… (probably in about that order.) – There’s just so many ups and downs, so much terror and ecstasy, so much combat and compassion, so much action and dynamic dialogue that each reader’s going to have to figure out what it means to them. Just some  keywords for you to skim:

thriller, horror, suspense, runaways, young adult, teenage, teen girls, drugs, alcohol, guns, fights, sex trafficking, abuse, survivor, survival, mind control, occult, paranormal, crime, murder, child traffickers, fiction, american, religion, god, demons, nineties, 90s, marijuana, speed, police, amnesia, combat, martial arts, mkultra, brainwashing, sleeper agents, sexuality, partners in crime, finding yourself, bpd, borderline personality, depression, disassociation, action, adventure, party, camping, highschoolers, bar, brothel, sexual deviants,  kidnappers, weapons, corruption, conspiracies, conspiracy theory, punk, streets, erotic, dark, romance, macabre, gory, killers, government, drug dealers, psychopaths, pop culture… sound like enough for such a bite-sized book?

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