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Corona 22

It’s 2022 and a mutated strand of Coronavirus has killed off most of the adult population. With a world now ruled by teens and young adults who value Juul pods, chicken tendies, and knock-off Gucci belts as much as guns, water, and antibotics the future hangs in the balance as their harsh reality becomes more and more absurd.

How will they cope with a world in chaos? Will they be able to survive on their own or will a stronger force come to power? What does the next generation have in store? Inspired by Joseph Keller’s masterpiece Catch 22. (Read more…)

Remember The Number

A disenchanted young man has a dream where he meets a beautiful girl who leaves him with a seemingly random phone number. It turns out the number is real and so is the girl from his dreams, but she doesn’t remember the dream or seem to know who he is. When intrigue turns into obsession, will a deeper truth reveal itself, or will the story turn to madness? (Read more…)


Conflux: From The Grey

The sequel to The Lost Girls – Conflux: From The Grey is currently being rewritten to better standards. A paranormal fantasy-thriller, From The Grey is the beginning of Roy Arthur’s story, a mentally-gifted sixteen year old with a past haunted by his parents’ loss, who discovers a magical monocle that flips his life upside-down as a mysterious conspiracy onfolds. (Read more…)

And Don’t Forget…

Conflux: The Lost Girls is available right now for free download on this site, for $11 on Amazon, and directly from the author, signed. If you loved Care and Kade’s story, let us know with a purchase, donation, or review, and a new chapter in their adventure will come soon!