I’m an independent author from New England, USA who writes dark, gritty fiction. I give all my books away for free in ebook form, so consider donating or buying a paperback from Amazon or me directly, or donating if you like my work. Most importantly, if you love my stuff, share it with your friends!

My dark thriller CONFLUX: THE LOST GIRLS is currently available for just $15 in paperback on Amazon, and just 99 cents on Kindle. If you want a terrifying bite-sized, kick-ass roller coaster ride with two badass female main characters, go check it out!

Seriously, one reader said it gave her nightmares. But she loved it.

Coming soon

Coming later this year is Corona 22,¬†an action-packed dark comedy about an assortment of colorful kids surviving in the apocalypse that follows a Coronavirus variant wiping out virtually all of the adult population. Left to fend for themselves, they must survive and find out who they are in a world gone crazy. Gun-toting action, bizarre personalities, and absurd humor abound in a world where 22 year old Lyle Detour wonders if it’s him or everyone else who’s gone crazy. Coming Fall/Winter 2021.

There’s a handful of other works in progress, including a very differently-set prequel in the Conflux series, a story of lust and madness in the mind of an increasingly isolated young man, and a planned sequel to Conflux: The Lost Girls that continues the story of Care and Kade.

Let me know what you want to see by following me on Facebook and commenting, and leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. In the meantime, enjoy, tell your friends and as always,

Stay safe out there.