“This book will pull you in and pull you right down. This is NOT a book for the faint of heart, but if you want your romance with action – or is it action with romance? – then grab it today!”
“Sex, drugs, traffickers, police and violence… you can’t fit much more in a book!
A cracking book! Took me 4 hours to read and I did it in a day I was this enthralled in it. Get this book.”
“Such a good story about the aspect of Good vs Evil. Something I love reading about all the time. Knowing about what side will win. The wording and formatting were amazing, and it was easy to read for sure. While reading it felt like I was witnessing what was happening when I was reading. Loved the whole concept of how two girls developed a deep friendship all due to having to survive in some way. Bravo to this author!”

“Conflux: The Lost Girls is a work of art. A true story of good verses evil. In a very dark town with a modern, yet mythical, underworld, two lost girls find one another and develop an instant friendship based on survival. The two girls, from what seems like two separate worlds, form an unstoppable bond that utilizes each of their unique gifts to survive in the most dangerous environment. Together, the girls face the evils that kept them in separate personal Hells while learning how to free themselves of that same evil. The Author draws the reader into the story from the start and creates a plot that unfolds as the reader continues. Well written and brilliantly displayed story that is hard to put down.”

“CONFLUX: THE LOST GIRLS is centred around two teenagers with vastly different personalities and backgrounds. They’re trying to survive in a world where you can trust only yourself but are thrown together after one of them realises they have nothing left to lose and decides to put her big damn hero pants on. Yet they can only have a chance to survive with each other’s help since their skillsets are so different.

The book has lots of guns and violence. Which is pretty much to be expected when you have criminals, pimps, actual demons and secret occult agencies on your tail. But it’s pretty hard to get out of town when everything in the woods is literally cursed (this part terrified me btw). The prose style is interesting, the descriptions and dialogue really add more ambience to the story and make you think. Final showdown was INSANE. What happened after the final showdown was MORE INSANERER.

So yeah, the story was gripping as hell. Couldn’t put it down even though it felt like my eyes were glued to a horror train wreck. I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

There was a lot of thriller/horror action that wasn’t expected yet on 2nd read there was a lot of subtle foreshadowing to find. I hope you like plot twists that give you whiplash on the gear-change. The harsh nature of the book is balanced by the lightness of the two main characters and their relationship together. Their banter is funny as hell (when personalities clash) as well as the dumb situations they get into. The main characters hold the story together as it jumps from conflict to conflict.”