Order Conflux: The Lost Girls – Signed Copies!

Customers in the United States can order paperback copies of Conflux: The Lost Girls directly from the author by using the contact form. Just state your number of orders and you will be emailed shortly after to send your mailing address and payment via PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo. (If you do not use these or are located outside the US, you can still order on Amazon or read the ebook for free!) The books are only $15, shipping included.

These are big, high-quality 6″ x 9″ paperbacks printed through Amazon. The advantage is that the author keeps more of the money, and you get it directly from them, fingerprints and all. It is usually much faster than ordering directly through Amazon, though that is fine too. (If you like C:TLG, leave a review!)

Signed copies available!

In addition, for a limited time, all directly-purchased books are eligible to be signed by the author. Just include the name and short message you want written. Usually both the front cover and the first page are signed, in case the front cover signature wears off, but you can request it how you like. (Back page, a cute bad drawing, etc.)

This is a limited time offer for only the first few batches of books, so hop on it while you can! As the book is occasionally revised, the previous editions will never be printed again, so you’ll possess one of a very, very small runs of that edition, warts and all. Includes a few book promo cards to use as a bookmark and share with friends.

Support the author by ordering one of these collectible early copies. Spread the word, leave a review, and share with your friends who would like it! As always, the full ebooks are available totally free to download in all popular formats.