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You can donate anything from five bucks for a coffee to a one-time larger or recurring amount. Any single type of donation is so utterly appreciated, because not only does it financially assist me to continue pumping out books faster than George R. R. Martin can devour a roast pigeon, but it tells me that my readers appreciate me enough to show it by tossing some change my way.

If you don’t like the options here or want to send something small or special, or just want to suggest your donation be earmarked for something you think I need (like mental health counseling or More Ammo(TM) or silly hats you wanna see me wear on a tweet or video) then feel free to contact me.


Patreon is a popular way to provide a little bit of money monthly to your favorite artists, plus you get cool exclusive bonuses, like Patron-only newsletters with more frequent, detailed updates, or special secretsquirrel Q&As, signed book copies, or even a one-on-one phonecall with me. (Woah!) The tiers range from $5, $9, $20 to $33 for the super-duper one. Click here to check em out.


Ko-Fi is a fast easy way to support with a quick $3 or so, just enough for me to buy a nice coffee to write with, (or more likely, a good beer.) Click here to buy me a drink of your choice.

My wishlist

A wishlist of stuff mostly designed to get more readers on board! If you’ve already shared with friends but think even more people should see my writing, this is the best, most direct way to do that, and I’d appreciate it so much. Check it out here.

Since I don’t plan to spend donations on anything but staying alive and generating more books and readers, I’ll also probably set up an Amazon or eBay wishlist sometime so you can decide to spoil me with ludicrous gun accessories or stuff I need around the house. Or silly hats.