Adding prose & stream-of-consciousness section

I’ve added a prose and stream-of-consciousness section to put out discombobulated tales of the imagination and free-writing tidbits.

There’s lots of recommendations to and from writers about starting your writing sessions with a 5-10 minute exercise, especially when writer’s-blocked, in just writing whatever comes to mind. Beat-style prose and stream-of-consciousness are especially suited to this.

More than anything, it’s to encourage other writers and would-be’s to read and write that beautiful type of style, as I explain on the page. It’s also a way to put out tidbits more regularly to tide you lovely people over while I procrastinate on those promised projects we’re both impatiently waiting for!

If you’re looking for musical inspiration that also happens to be commercial free use, check out 😉

Read and write. Listen to and think of beautiful things!