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Offering my free ebook CONFLUX: THE LOST GIRLS for free to all readers, including reviewers and book review sites!

(Shortcut to book here and audiobook demo on YouTube here.)

I wanted to offer my totally free ebook (and soon to be free audiobook) Conflux: The Lost Girls to read and review if the description catches your attention. It’s available at and free to share by anyone, but I’d be glad to send you any files or info if needed. Future works will be released soon too, also totally free. A rough demo of the first chapter on YouTube is available below, under the description.

It’s a fast-moving high-intensity psychological thriller full of action, horror, and suspense. Deftly written, high-voltage, action-packed, emotionally gripping, it explores some heavy themes that are relevant to younger and older people alike. It’s dark and surreal yet gritty, with some rather mature themes. Not for the faint of heart, but not erotica or pornographic. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. At 187 pages / 76,000 words, it’s a bite-sized read that most readers have read in one night because they wouldn’t put it down!

If you’re concerned about the violent or sexual parts and not afraid of a bit of spoiling, I made this page based off another reviewer’s submission form. It answers some general questions and gives a better idea of some of the aspects that could be triggering for some readers. But I can always answer other questions too.

Links to the book below, free to download or $12.12 paperback on Amazon. (It won’t let me go significantly lower than that or I’d put it on for just costs.)

Cover, back cover, and chapter art:


IT’S A BAD, BAD WORLD OUT THERE – Two teenage girls who don’t even know their own names. A nightmarish town that wants to eat them alive. When fate brings them together, will a murderous town full of sin and psychotic criminals pull them apart?

This book doesn’t pull punches. Packed with tension and betrayal, horror and triumph, Jordan Wakefield’s CONFLUX: THE LOST GIRLS follows two teenage runaways with pasts shrouded in darkness as they navigate a world ruled by drugs, violence, and dark conspiracies. With police, human traffickers and sexual deviants on their tail, they must make it out alive together. But when you don’t know yourself, can you trust the person next to you?

First in the Conflux series, THE LOST GIRLS will push you off the edge of your seat and have you begging for more.

Some reviews:

“A rare, good find. It’s hard to sift through all sorts of books to find those hidden gems, but I’m so glad I found this one.

One of those rare ones that keeps your attention the entire time, and this author’s strengths clearly lie in painting a perfect picture of every scene, character, emotion, etc, in your head. The story itself is gritty, emotional, and exciting, and I hope a next installment comes ASAP.”

“It’s the best thing… Frightening. This book is actually terrifying.”

“It’s like a book of dreams and wonder.”

“Literally two murderhobos getting high as shit and insanity ensues.”

“This book broke me, man.”

“…genre-shifts so hard I think I broke a rib…”

“Did you sprinkle crack on that book?!”

“It’s so funny lmao, and their conversations… fucking crazy. I hope you know I’m going to send you my therapy bill.”

Chapter 1 audiobook demo

(Bear in mind Chapter 1 is preceded by a brief Chapter 0 in the ebook. You can read that first at or jump in here!) The audio quality is rough but will be perfected in the released free audiobook coming soon.)

There’s a little more info like About the Author below, but mostly the description and cover are what matters usually. Thanks for reading and let me know if I can help with anything at all!

About author:

Jordan Wakefield, a writer of totally free fiction ebooks and audiobooks. From Rhode Island, USA, originally from Western PA. My books focus on high-intensity fiction for adults and teens, pushing limits and blending genres. There’s something for everybody. You’ll be blown away by the amount of content packed in my bite-sized novels. Most are around 200 pages.

I love walking in nature, shooting and martial arts, and aside from fiction I let off steam with freeform prose and reading. When I have a larger audience, I’ll raise up other quality authors, especially ones who offer their works free/pay-what-you-want like me. I use this model because writing is a passion not a business for me, plus in the file-sharing age, it makes more sense to make it as easy for readers to access your stuff as possible and have faith they’ll take care of you. Even if you don’t pay a penny, read and share anyway!