Prose & Fantastical Imaginical Streams of Consciousness

These are scattered bits of stream-of-consciousness prose and other works. It may not be my forte. It may even be crap. I just share them for people to enjoy if they like, and to encourage others to check out and try writing Beat poetry/prose, particularly Jack Keruoac, whose works inspired a whole new way of thinking and writing for me, as well as some of his contemporaries like Ginsberg and Burroughs and other talented Beat artists who I’ve yet to discover. If you ever wanted to scream your crowded or fleeting thoughts onto a piece of paper, some free-flowing Beat-inspired poetry is the way to do it!

Some of these were written during times that were very dark, confusing or mixed-up. But while it might be tempting to assume they’re autobiographical, they are wholly fictitious. Pure invention and embellishment go nicely with the raw experience of life.

No warranty on the quality. It’s rough and raw and minimally edited, but that’s the point. Maybe some of it will get compiled someday if you folks enjoy it.


Stream #1 – conflux and strife (long)

Stream #2 – being a human (medium)

Stream #3 – lippity quips (medium)

Stream #4 – no her can save me (shorter)

Stream #5 – block island beach bar blues (shorter)

Stream #7 – i can crack my own thumb (shorter)

FOUND: a page of Jerri Pinehalst’s diary (medium-long)