Starting up on Patreon!

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Well here we are. Conflux: The Lost Girls is launched (for free as always) and the spiritual prequel Conflux: From The Grey should be released in just a month or two. You can read the descriptions for these at of course.

The audiobook for the former is in progress now and also be available soon, and audiobooks for each new book are sure to follow.

Beside that, it’s just madness promoting the books, writing and editing, and then human stuff like working on the car, exercising, learning to fieldstrip a 1911 at Vietnam-vet speed, and maybe occasionally stopping to grab a meal or take a ten minute nap.

I’m new to Patreon, so any recommendations are welcome. If you love my writing, become my first supporter in any capacity- it’ll mean so much to me!

I’m also throwing a wishlist on the blog which mostly consists of more ways to get more readers.

Welp, back to work folks. I’m excited to see what’s in store, and to get these new works out to you. Stay safe!