Streams #3 – lippity quips

lips whipping quips that bounce off ceilings, chilling in the worst way, hearts unwilling. beers eaten, drunkards pilling. all alone in the heat of embattled embittered wife tale wise tale tall tale frail freaky weak bizarre ideals leaking juice from the broken stud-snapping cv axle boots of lifelong magnitude. chill thrills without frills, killing as murderous dudes do, murder dude. caffeine hitting with mary jane bowls beside raising rising heart rates like high tide by oceanside, mist rising in the halloween october tear of broken dreams breaking in fractured glass factories bereaved. petty polly whispering with grins on molly, dancing for her own eyes beside two dozen crummy scummy random unknown known knowing ungrowing guys, blithe and blasé beside, teeth broken from own lifelong grim demonic grins, rancid shit breath beguiling little women in sultry plur dress, at best vestless, showing chest, a generation at rest in restlessness. dogs barking outside while we so do inside, sewing lies together with truth in magnitudal fracturous latitude embarkations to belowground hellish spaces and back up to see the light and grass as we walk into work at a quarter past.

a blast, servitude with silver chains, intent and will soft as our jarred up brains, armies descending to level splayed wage-slave contemplations in higher tunes like dog whistles whistling as bullets past heads held high, cavitation gusts removing stiff upper lips like african warchild kids on meth and heroine shooting frantic 7.62, farmers devested and molested but little allowed to be restarted or restored. guns barking in detroit-copy cities- i can hear it in the falsified news industry stories at 10 o’clock and so beyond, glocks popping as blood fireworks in the night, no flash of light, no sign of life– just right, double tapped, tapped, ratchet mechanics coming and coming back in black, to greet the waiting silent dead as patiently as they saw their departing. expectedly unexpecting nothing with welts built up and running thru streets like memories paced in cycles thru minds that won’t give ground and speak in angry mime movements in unwalked streets.

forget, oublié, oblique, obstrusive, a sneak, a spy in the midst of life, bound by platinum ring in octagon ring of mixed marital battle battalions of modern dominance struggle strife, finding happiness in antithesis of life, wading gainst stream, memes speaking louder than speech, messengers louder than letters, baggage heavier than letters, carried on at face value booked and tweeten bird wings like peaceless government doves with stained white gloves, some mickey mouse shit said aloud and spread loudly like the viruses masses dealt, have been, has been, nothing, won’t be, nothing, lonely, alone, rolling blows breaking bones slowly, ten years work in five years of punctual reality punches leaving lowly mankind in crutches of their own construction and device, lovely, honey, sweet, a land of milk and it for eagles to devour mice ruminating in nations of no one native earthlander’s devices, gripped in unholy vices by the patterns of past lives lived lively till early death and laid in dusty dirt to rest. God Bless!!!