Stream #5 – block island beach bar blues

Steaming whale crawlers wailing by night squalor ferry ship shit pincer technique coup cut hit tailored seaspray ocean mist list-crawling quip-trawling Toyota-towing grassmower combine starship landcraft spaceship laughing maps.

blap blap blap the noise of the night when the neo-non-federales arrive, take license pictures and give jive comments on the nervous pistols we tote to get better, become heroes, unopposed.

nonsense whimsical commonsense winds pinning us as if to brick walls in dorm halls. can’t say what i think, cant say think weep or breath anything, all alone and insane in the membrane of unknown life dream culture gathered bastardized blattered blasted bay vibes… on… island… block… boulevard.

she thinks of me, of her i do i do i do i do not, say, set time to set aside, speak to clock, speak with father time, patriarchal, your real grandma. say hi to papa time, time bird shit blaring horn boring pairing parity equality equitous peckerwood pecking wood bird maritime gull dream gulpings in alcohol gulfs beside me, blind imbibed blasphemous teen memories ascribed to young ragers and young rage